Loving, Learning and Letting Go

A Typical Day

on October 17, 2012

Hello Again.  Just wanted to share a typical conversation between Mary Cate and I today.  This is very typical of how we communicate each day.  She is 150 miles away at college and we rarely talk on the phone because both of us hate it!  I do not have cell phone service at school so we communicate via email.  Today we were lucky enough to Facebook message.  And this is how it went:


i am stressing about this midterm

i don’t know how to study



Did you make flashcards?



i can’t its for english

i don’t even know how its going to be



oh. So you don’t know what to study for

the jacket sold : ( (this is referring to a North Face jacket that was selling at our consignment shop)



exactly. And i only read one of the books..




what books were you supposed to read?


i spark notes the rest and paid attention in class though

I read elvis. I didn’t read i know why a caged bird sings, the autobiography of miss jane pittman, and tuesdays with morrie


you’ll be fine…stop stressing.


i read some of tuesdays


you were supposed to read all those books?? Dang  (this is me being VERY supportive of her education)

MC ·

I know i know. She just doesn’t post grades so i don’t know where I’m at in that class

throughout the semester so far


but you spark noted them? And why doesn’t she post grades? That’s dumb (again, me being VERY supportive of her professor)



Yeah so I know what happened in them

Im sure Ill be fine I just hate not studying

oh btw good news made it up to an 84

in my writing class



woo hoo



slowly but surely haha

i just need this break to reasses and ill be good to go.





okay I’m good. Ill feel better when this is over and i have my psych grade (crisis averted)


And she is on her way home for Fall Break as we speak!  Love that girl!





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