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My Mother- By MC

on October 22, 2012

My mother.

First of all before I start, my mother is awesome, and funny. The things that surround my life because of my mother keep my spirits high.

Sometimes my mom and I will get in these moods where we have nothing nice to say. Everything that comes out of our mouths is sarcastic or just hilarious. Well this past Thursday night was one of those nights.

It all started off with the hotel. Dylan, our not so friendly front desk person, informed us that we could not give a credit card to pay over the phone. He was quite rude about it and my mom was not happy.

After we finally got into our hotel room, my mom went on and on saying how horrible this hotel was (to remain nameless of course). The room was small, their were towels in weird shapes on the bed, rude service, and anything else she could find wrong she was complaining about. Thankfully there was internet service or she would have probably checked us out right then.

We then decided to make the trek to find food. We settled on Fuddruckers because that place is my absolute favorite even though my mom wanted to go to Red Lobster (see how awesome she is).

While we are waiting on our food I was going on and on about something, since i feel the need to fill every free second with my voice since she doesn’t get to hear it often :). I realize that she is not listening to me but rather texting on her phone (rude). I then proceed to tell her that I am pregnant and miraculously she can hear me again!

After a delicious dinner, I realized I needed some more things for my little crafting projects (sorority girl problems). We stopped by CVS which was easily my favorite part of the night.

We grabbed what I needed and got in line.

With their being only one cashier open (go figure) we had to wait a few minutes. I notice that a lady has gotten in line behind us. She is standing so close behind me that I can actually smell her. Have we ever heard of personal space? Mom and I awkwardly try to inch forward but we fail to lose the lady and her stench.

From the way this woman smelled you would have thought she was Honey Boo Boo’s long lost relative. I turn around and not only is this lady well put together she is actually nice looking! What had she been eating??

We are almost done with our journey when we get in the car. We notice that this man is actually eating a slice of pizza as he tries to get his child and himself into his vehicle. He pulls open his car door and almost hits our car because he is so concerned about that slice of pizza. My mother continues to call this man fat among a few other things and we make fun of him and his pizza the entire way home.

I hope I described this night to you all as funny as it actually was!

Oh and if anyone is keeping up, I got an 82 on my English midterm. Not perfect, but Ill take it seeing as I only read one of the books! 🙂

Oh and P.S.

I attached this picture of me and my mom at our family pictures with our photographer. I chose this one because I feel like it describes our personalities perfectly!


2 responses to “My Mother- By MC

  1. Peter Fleming says:

    I travel a bit, and whenever I stay in a hotel, I use trip advisor (there’s a free app), to find interesting, and tasty restaurants. They also rate hotels, tourist attractions etc. Next time before booking a hotel, consider trip advisor, and check out the reviews, then go one step further, and try a eatery/restaurant that you’ve never been to near the hotel. I think it’ll add a fun dimension to your travels. Nice post by the way.

  2. LT says:

    Too funny MC…you guys are like two peas in a pod!!!!

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