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My Circle of Friends

on October 23, 2012

My bestest gym buddy.


This is  a very blurry picture at 6:00 am of me and my gym buddy Lisa.  Every morning we are in the gym, usually about 5:15am meeting time.  Cardio and weights are done, along with a good dose of gossip and laughing.  You have to have that energy that early in the morning.  This is dedication, this is friendship!!

I told Mary Cate she is at a point in her life where friends come and go.  That in college, this is the time to really figure out what type of friends you want to keep.  That might  mean that you spend time with people and spark a friendship, but then after spending more time either one of you decides that the friendship just isn’t going to work.  I guess going through friends like that kind of makes you a friend whore, but at 19 how do you know what “your type” is.  Even with girlfriends.

This is one reason I am happy to be 40 something.  My circle of friends is tried and true.  I’ve been thinking that my circle is smaller.  But actually its grand..it’s just the right size..it’s just perfect for me.  My friends are people that I can trust completely.  They know me and love me quirks and all.  It doesn’t matter that I may be grumpy, or whiny, or just out of sorts.  They still are there.  I hope that I am that friend to them.  They mean the world to me.  My prayer is that Mary Cate will find that circle.  She has a few true friends that will stay with her for life.  The others will come along as life goes.

We are overwhelmed with all our blog views these last two days!  Thanks for visiting, and please leave us some love!


PS:  The next post has to be about my husband……I promise!  = )


3 responses to “My Circle of Friends

  1. Leaving you some love!😘

  2. Lisa N says:

    Enjoying reading your funny, insightful blog! Y’all are great! Keep it up.

  3. lt2410 says:

    Awwww…as much as I sometimes drag and whine and moan trying to keep up with you, I do keep coming back for some reason…thanks Bestie!

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