Loving, Learning and Letting Go

Our Guy

on November 5, 2012

To truly appreciate this post, it requires a small history lesson and a little bit of transparency.  Here’s our story:

When Mary Cate was about 2 years old, her father and I separated.  He was in the Army, and since he was away most of her young life, this didn’t really affect her a whole lot.  She got to visit him for weeks at a time before she started school, and they had a good relationship.  We stayed in our current location because of him, even though I had family miles and miles away.  So, basically it was just us.  For 14 years, it was just “us”.  We had many ups and downs those years, but as our relationship shows, we clung to each other, and we are the better for it.  During that time, unfortunately the relationship with her dad crumbled, again, we realized how heavily we relied upon each other.  It was just “us”.  I could write pages and pages of what we went through when we were just “us”, but that doesn’t really tell our story.  Our story is that we survived, we made it through, and we are not just mother and daughter, but the best of friends!

Enter stage left…Alan.  It was just 7 years ago.  MC was in 7th grade.  We had discussed moving out west to be close to family.  Well, that didn’t happen, as we met the most wonderful man!!  Our relationship started slowly, and meeting MC was carefully choreographed.  She was wary at first, because of course, it had just been “us”.  But Alan won her over, and me.  Fast forward 2 1/2 years and we become a family.  Alan doesn’t have any children of his own, but ask anyone and they would tell you Mary Cate is his. He has been an amazing husband to me, and a WONDERFUL father to her.  They have the best relationship and it came at a time when she needed a male role model the most.  Very few days pass when I remind her to find a man in her life like Alan.  Strive for the best, don’t settle.

There are so many things I could say about Alan that I am thankful for.  I am thankful that he loves me faults and all.  I am thankful that he loves Mary Cate as his own.  I am thankful for his faith in God, his work ethic, his kindness.  The list goes on and on.  He walked into our life at the most perfect time.  Some days I am sure, he doesn’t feel we appreciate him because us girls can sure gang up on him.  But we do.  We always tell him, the day we stop teasing you, is the day you need to worry.  : )

So there you have it.  Alan makes 3!  Our Happy Family:



One response to “Our Guy

  1. Pat says:

    And exactly how did you meet this Alan guy?

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