Loving, Learning and Letting Go


on January 13, 2013

Sing along with me, won’t you? So 2013 is 11 days old, and already many changes are taking place in our lives. I love the new year and how everyone is so anxious for a new start. New goals to achieve with hope that they will come to fruition and life will be happily ever after. Well, I guess that sounds a bit sarcastic, but sometimes this false enthusiasm makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit. The best New Year’s Resolution I ever made was to wear my seatbelt (that was many years ago before it was law). I think it’s the only one I ever kept. Do you ever ask why we see a new year as the time to make changes in our lives? Maybe it’s because we remember the New Year being represented by a new baby. A new baby means throwing all your goodness into that little person to make him/her even better. I don’t know. But it goes along with people starting new diets or exercise on Monday. Why not Wednesday? Why not Saturday when you have the whole day to yourself?? I just don’t get it.

So, I didn’t make any resolutions this year, but I do have hopes. Our year (actually 12-28) began with my husband selling his office building. This was big, and this brings lots of changes not only for him, but for the people who worked in that building also. No one lost a job, thankfully, but they all found a “new normal”. With this change, my hope is that I will see my husband more. : )

The next change was a new Jeep for Mary Cate. Did she need a new ride? Not really, but Alan and I felt she works so hard, and this was something that she really wanted so we did it (really more Alan than me). She is tickled pink. My hope?? That she can get everything she brought home from Christmas break into that jeep to get it back to school (fingers crossed).

Speaking of that girl, she also turns 20 in a month. Wow! Out of the teenage years in the blink of an eye and to think we both survived it. She reminded me last year at birthday time that she had almost made it through her teens without getting pregnant (again, fingers crossed jk). My hope for her is that she can continue to find the person she is, and maybe just relax a little bit (that will be a new post entitled “I got a 75!).

Many of my readers know this, but I really work 3 jobs. I am a teacher by day, teach Body Pump classes by morning (5:30am to be exact), and run the local tennis league here. The tennis job goes from about January through June, but I am always working to improve tennis in our area and recruit new players. This year LOTS of changes have taken place in league tennis. People don’t like changes=confused unhappy tennis players. My hope…that I can make them happy! : )
I’m changing who I am playing with also. It may be a good change, it may be a bad change. But I will never know unless I try.

What are your hopes for the New Year?


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