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Off to Cola….

on February 23, 2013

This poor blog has been ignored lately. Both Mary Cate and I have been so busy. I am back in a third grade classroom at school, taking a real estate course at night, organizing league tennis for my area, AND teaching Body Pump classes 3 mornings a week. To top it all off we had a pre accreditation review at school this last week. I am also school improvement chair person. So to say I have a lot on my plate would be an understatement at this point.

Thankfully, I am off to Columbia this weekend to visit my daughter. Her birthday has come and gone, and we have realized how things evolve as she grows older. As stated previously I used to pick her up from school on her birthday and have a day all about Mary Cate. Well, that has changed into a girl’s weekend together to eat, shop, and just have fun!! I am really looking forward to heading down to see her.

If you didn’t see my facebook post, I have to share the great thing that Mary Cate’s sorority is doing. She is PR Chairperson in her sorority and is responsible for ‘getting the word out’ on the many activities they are involved in. This one is near and dear to each sister’s heart because they lost a sister to cancer. Each year they have a bone marrow drive in honor of her. Mary Cate had sent a press release the to news station ABC Columbia, and because of the timeliness with Robin Roberts and Good Morning America they picked the story up and interviewed her and another sister. To say I am proud is an understatement! : )


I watched Robin Roberts’ special last night on ABC, and she really has an amazing story. She is so humble and beyond thankful for how God has blessed her life. Take a moment to think about being a bone marrow donor. You could change someone’s life!

As for me…. I am off to Cola!!!! WOOT


One response to “Off to Cola….

  1. Catherine Christianson says:

    Ann, That was awesome!!! thanks for sharing!! You should be soooooo proud of Mary Kate!!!! Thats really sad they lost a beautiful sorority sister but look what they have done to deep her spirit alive!! Just AWESOME!!!!

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