Loving, Learning and Letting Go

Fear the Finn

on June 16, 2013

Hello everyone! Mary Cate here and I am writing from scenic Fayetteville before I head back to Columbia this afternoon. I wanted to talk about my time home because it is too ridiculous and hilarious not to share. I came home to go with my mom and her tennis team to the state tournament for North Carolina tennis in Winston Salem. This trip was full of funny tales and many twists and turns, so bear with me as I try to make some sense of it all.IMG_1591

Let me start by explaining the title of my tale. For those of you who do not know, we have a new addition in the Tucker household. We have a brand new puppy named Finn that mom got as a birthday present (blog post to come). We decided that Finn had to make the trip to Winston, so we loaded him up along with the rest of the luggage. Taking inspiration from the 2012 Gamecock Baseball team, I decided Finn would be the mascot for the tennis team and lead them to victory (err…or not). This is where I coined Fear the Finn, and this puppy is an integral part of this story.


Now that some background has been explained, let’s begin:


Day 1: We arrived in Winston Salem about 5 and checked in to our hotel. Finn is already turning heads and makes friends with an enthusiastic valet person.We unpacked,and headed to the host hotel of the tournament for the captain’s meeting. Mom was more than excited to show off her new pup, until we hit our first speed bump of the trip: “security” (insert Bonquisha accent here). Once mom and I FINALLY figured out where the heck this meeting was, we headed up the stairs only to be followed by one of the hotel employees. He informed me that there were no dogs allowed in that portion of the hotel because they were owned by the  hospital (wait, what?) and they would have to completely clean the entire area. First of all the dog is 2 lbs and wasn’t going to be leaving my arms the entire time. Secondly, this guy was body blocking me from going in. What did he think I was going to do? Anyway, mom had to take me back to our hotel and Finn and I chilled out while we waited for her to be finished.


Day 2: We woke up bright and early to head off to some indoor tennis courts for the first match of the tournament.I wish I could tell you exactly what happened in this match but I was distracted by the numerous amount of people taking Finn, petting Finn, and asking the same questions over and over about Finn. All I know about this match is that they lost, even with the luck of the mighty Finn. After a tough and close team loss, we headed to a cute sports pub for lunch. We didn’t exactly have time to go back tot the hotel and drop Finn off so we just brought him with us. We threw him in my Mary Poppins bag and called it a day. He slept the entire time we were there until, of course, our food arrived. His little white head decided to make an appearance and thankfully our waitress was too distracted by his cuteness to care that he was in the restaurant.


We headed back to the hotel, changed and went back for another tennis match. This match yet again could not be saved by the dog. It was another tough, close match for mom and another close loss for the team. Finn was not impressed.


So what do you do when your team just lost two tough matches? Drink of course! To our luck our hotel even had free happy hour. We got to happy hour with 15 minutes to spare before it ended and the bartender was making them doubles to make up for lost time. This is when the night took a turn for the funny. The drinks started flowing and the laughter kept coming. We had someone tapping on a glass with her fork to get everyone’s attention every two minutes…(ain’t that the truf). The waiter was laughing so hard at us he couldn’t even stand up straight. I had made a comment that I thought the other waiter was attractive, and what does my mother do? Tell him….so embarrassing. With red cheeks, I couldn’t even look up I was so mortified. Later to find out we think he batted for the other team (no judgement of course). We finally got back to the hotel and took a dip in the hot tub, where these ladies again tried to set me up with another young man at the pool. I don’t think my cheeks have ever gotten that red. It was a great night even if I am still beyond embarrassed.


Day 3: Friday rolls around and the tide has finally changed for mom. She won her singles match! She even made a great friend from the experience. Finn again, did not care much.


Mom? she decided totreat herself to some more alcohol. 🙂 It was another night of a hilarious dinner and more drinking. My cheeks were hurting I was laughing so hard. Mom and I ended up going to the player party where she learned how to wobble (It was a big night for her). We finally ended the night and got ready for the last day.

Day 4: (Are you over reading this yet? I’m over typing it…) The last day finally arrives and it is the worst day of the Finn love. I am so done talking about this dog to people, and they yet again distracted me from the whole first set of mom’s match. This was probably for the best though since as soon as I started really watching and getting into cheering for her, the other team’s captain came up to me and accused me of coaching her (uhh she’s losing…). I kept my mouth shut for the rest of the match to avoid any more confusion and mom thought I was mad at her since I refused to make eye contact (oops..sorry). She gets off the court (not happy) with yet another loss, but still a good tournament experience.

We had a great weekend even if there were some funny and annoying experiences. I hope you enjoyed reading about our little adventure as much as we enjoyed living it. Have a great day everyone and remember: IMG_1572


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