Loving, Learning and Letting Go

On Winning and Losing

on July 26, 2013

I like to win…who doesn’t??  It doesn’t just stop at sports for me, it’s about just about everything in my life.  I use to let it kind of consume me…doesn’t so much anymore.  I am not sure if it’s because I am getting older, or, as I am getting older I have a different outlook on life.  I have discovered:

1.  Winning (or not winning) doesn’t define who I am.  As a good friend said “I think my wife (or husband in my case) will still love me whether I win or lose.  And it doesn’t just stop there.  My kid, my animals, my family…they will all still love me.

2.  Winning (or not winning) doesn’t define my friendships.  If it does, then I don’t need those friendships.  I have a lot of competitive friends that are driven by a need to do well and win.  That is totally fine, but that isn’t for me.  When the competition is over…are we still friends??  That’s what matters to me.

3. Winning (or not winning) is no good if it wasn’t fun.  I want to finish and be able to say win or lose “That was a lot of fun”.  Once the fun is gone, then it’s time to step away and focus on other more fun things.  The only thing that wasn’t fun was that 10 miles my friend talked me into running.  I didn’t win, I didn’t lose…I did finish and within my goal time for me.  But when I was done, I can’t say I had fun.  : )

4.  Winning (or not winning) is not okay when integrity was compromised to get there.  I want to finish with my integrity in tact.

5. Winning (or not winning) should include good sportsmanship.

So those are my thoughts. I encourage you to gnaw on this and provide feedback if you’d like.  I will say, that this just isn’t about sports or activities, it’s about life.  Think about our attitude on a daily basis where we think about winning this or that argument, this or that decision, etc….winning, losing, sports


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