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Random Thoughts

on February 1, 2014

January has been an interesting month.  Lots of time to reflect and sit back and look at what is happening around me.  A few observations that I have made this first month of the new year:

*Yoga is the bomb diggity!  I started taking yoga kind of seriously this month  I love it! I have mad respect for those yogis who can do all the stands and holds and such.  That takes such great strength, and I am going to keep practicing until I can somewhat get there.  My friends and I have been taking a Friday hot yoga class.  105 degrees, but at the end you feel so great!  It is the perfect way to end the week!

*Puppy kisses always make everything better!  It doesn’t really matter if I am having a fat day, crap day, skinny day, frustrated day, lazy day, sick day….puppies don’t care.  They give kisses and all that goes away.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all mankind took after puppies???

*Snow days are fun, but in small doses.  We got two full ones this week, and two half ones.  Day one was brilliant….I was in my pjs all day.  Day two–started getting antsy.  Day three- didn’t have to be in to work till 11, got in at 9:30.   I would love to retire, but what would I do with  my time????  PS: My husband does not do well with snow days.

*Momma bear instinct is always there…no matter how old your child is.  What happens when you become a mother that all things mean, unfair etc, that happen to your child happen to you.  Seriously, had someone told me these feelings would occur, I would have forgone having children (not really tho).  The one I have is awesome, but sometimes I just really want to kick some ass for her….

Don't mess with this girl!

Don’t mess with this girl!

*I plan great vacations.  Alan told me the other day that when he stays out of the planning things turn out great…example: Orlando trip.  We are planning a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary with an Elvis wedding and also Mary Cate’s 21st birthday.  I am planning the entire thing.  Should be a great trip.

*Sometimes a friend needs to hear how much you appreciate them.  Really, a few random kind words may make someone’s day, week or even year.  How hard is that??  I am so thankful for my friends, and will make a better effort to show them.  I have so many different friends from different areas of my life.  I am a lucky girl!

*So farewell January with your cold temperatures, snow, resolutions.  Bring on February..the month of love and a big birthday celebration.  Bring it.  I am ready!!


2 responses to “Random Thoughts

  1. Cathy lamberty says:

    Thanks for sharing. I too love yoga I have to get back into it. It is so soothing and whoever says its not a workout has never done it.

  2. RE: Puppy kisses curing “Fat” days. You have “fat” days? You, Ann, who teaches body pump, spin classes, plays tennis, and now does hot yoga, you have “Fat” days?. I don’t believe it. I bet you have Phat days. You probably have quite a few Phat days. I bet you have Phat weeks.

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